I got sidetracked on my astronomy project when I needed to replace my weather station.  I made some posts on the Clear Sky Tonight Blog about setting up a weather station and setting up a weather web camera.

One part of the weather web camera was to create a time lapsed weather video.  I was thinking of posting the videos on my personal blog which I renamed as the Woicik Weather Blog.  But, I didn’t like the idea of posting them manually each night to the Blog.  But, after thinking about it, I decided use YouTube.

I created a YouTube account and made the following configurations:

  • Profile Settings – I added my full name, website and interests.
  • Channel – I selected a color theme.
  • Category and Tags – I selected the “People & Blogs” Category and standardized on “Woicik” and “weather” as default tags.  I will add standard weather terms as specific tags.
  • Description – I created standard description including the website URL.
  • Sharing – I activated sharing to my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • AdSense – I submitted a request to link my YouTube channel with my AdSense account.