There are a number of tips to help optimize your website:

  • Make sure you have enough content on your web page.
  • Make sure the content matches the keywords you are trying to optimize for.
  • Make sure the content is readable to a human and not just a search engine.   A great technique is to use to see how your webpage will look like to a search bot.
  • Make sure to add keywords to all your tags like title, description, keywords and image ALT tags.
  • Don’t use frames
  • Don’t use Flash especially if it is for your entire website.
  • Create a sitemap to help a search bot index your site. offers a service to generate a sitemap for you.
  • Create a privacy page.  It is a good thing to do for your visitors and may be needed if you are using Google Adsense on your website.
  • Don’t use hidden or invisible text.
  • Avoid having duplicate content on different web pages on your website.
  • Your Title tags and H1 tags are very important and should contain your keywords.
  • Don’t create subdomains when a subfolder will work.

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