Here are the steps I developed to perform a SEO review of a website:

  1. Web Expression
    1. Link Report
      1. Go to the Report tab and click on the icon to “verifies hyperlinks in the current web”
        1. Verify all hyperlinks
      2. Sort by status to group all “Broken”
      3. Fix issues and repeat process until all issues are resolved
    2. SEO Reports
      1. Go to Tools then SEO Reports
        1. Check all pages
        2. Review problem summary for each item and resolve
      2. Upload all pages


  2. WebSite Auditor
    1. Rebuild
      1. Uncheck all Page Ranking Factors
      2. Scan all pages (no depth limit)
        1. uncheck also look through search engine’s indexes
    2. Update
      1. Update all pages
      2. Check all Page Ranking Factors except:
        1. Cache date in Google
        2. Page Google Popularity
      3. Review results