I read somewhere that if you don’t measure something, you can’t manage it.  So, I created a SEO measurement spreadsheet to track my SEO efforts.  The spreadsheet has the following columns:

Google index

  • actual number of pages
  • site:www.domainname.com (track number of pages in Google’s index)
  • site:domainname.com (track number of pages in Google’s index)

Google Webmaster Tools

  • Queries
  • Impressions
  • Displaying number
  • clicks
  • Top 5 keywords
  • Links
  • high- pages crawled per day
  • average – pages crawled per day
  • crawl errors

Google Analytics

  • visits
  • pages\visits
  • average time on site
  • Bounce Rate
  • traffic sources
    • Google
    • Bing
    • Yahoo
    • Direct
    • Google-CPC
    • Google-Organic
  • Pageviews
  • Unique Pageviews
  • Top Content – “/”

The data points give me a good idea of what’s going on my website.  I also plot these data points on charts in Excel to looks for any patterns.