Paid advertising is paying for placement on websites or social media network to communicate your marketing message for your Renton, WA business. So, why use paid advertising?

The major reason to use paid advertising is to get your marketing message placed more predominately. Most advertising platform places their paid or sponsored ads at the top of websites where they will be easily seen. This is the case with Google search engine results. The top 3 or 4 spots on a result page are paid ads.

A secondary reason to use paid advertising is for targeting. Many advertising platforms can place your ad to match a number of content or interest categories of the people that may see your ad. For Google Display, you can place your display ads on websites with similar content. For Facebook ads, your ads can be shown to people with interests you are trying to target.

To summarize, you should use paid advertising in your Renton, WA business to have your marketing message placed in better positions to been seen and because you can target the people who will see your ad.