The main benefit of a website landing page is to be able to focus your marketing message to a specific purpose. Your website home page is a type of landing page but it is usually more general in nature. It needs to speak to your potential client but also to your current clients and give a broad overview of your company. A website landing page can have one purpose with one call-to-action.

A website landing page has a number of elements. The first is content specifically tailored to the purpose of the landing page. You may have a number of marketing goals for your business but your landing page can address just one of the goals. To help focus the visitor, you can write text about that marketing goal. You could include a specific video. To focus attention, you could change the navigation menu to have less choices or even hide it all together. The main element should be a single call-to-action which is your desired result you want the visitor to the website page to do.

A website landing page can focus your marketing message to try to increase the conversion rate. With a single call-to-action, you are focusing your website visitor on that desired outcome. Thus, they are more liking to convert if they are interested in the product or service you are presenting.

A website landing page can integrate with a paid advertising campaign. Most paid advertising campaigns can to go to a specific URL when the ad is clicked. So, a landing page is the prefect destination. The landing page can explain more about what the ad presented and show the call-to-action that relates back to the ad message.

In summary, a website landing page has many benefits. It can focus a website visitor on a specific marketing goal. A landing page can use one call-to-action to more the visitor deeper into your sales process. It can integrate with your paid advertising campaign.