Telephone call tracking can provide many benefits to your business. Most businesses take calls from their potential customers or current customers. The main benefit of telephone call tracking is having a system to count the number of phone calls a business receives in a given time-frame. With a system, there is no way to know if phone calls are up or down. Additionally, the type of phone calls can be categorized to determine if a call is a sales call or a custom service call.

The next benefit of a telephone call tracking system is to identify where sales calls originated from. The typical process is to ask the person calling “where did you hear about us?” but this is an unreliable metric because people might not actually know. Maybe they called because of an Internet ad you were running and then click the ad and went to your website. They saw your phone number on the website and called. The question is asked and they say website. But, in reality, it was the Internet ad. A call tracking system can be integrate with your advertising methods and your website to provide tracking through the customer’s journey to provide attribution.

Another benefit of a telephone call tracking system is the ability to tracking telephone calls into the line-of-business systems to link a phone call to a sale. This can happen if a sale has personal information recorded like name, address and phone number. Now the phone number can be linked back to the marketing efforts.

A final benefit is many call tracking system allow for the phone call to be recorded to help with employee training. The record can be reviewed and training given to internal sales employee.

To summarize, telephone call tracking can provide a number of benefits including call volume, marketing attribution, sales conversion tracking and employee training.