After working with Visual Basic, I started to notice I was re-using code and remember there was a feature to help with this.   I did a web search and found a tool called Snippet Editor.  I did a test snippet and added some test code.  I set the Title to something appropriate.  I created a folder in my DropBox account and called it “snippets”.  I saved the code snippet there with a filename and extension of .snippet. 

To be able to see the code snippets in Visual Studio Express 2013, I had to switch a setting.  Go to the Tools menu and then the Settings command.  Switch to Expert Settings.  This would then show the Code Snippets Manager command.  This command allows you to add the folder where your custom snippets are stored.

In the Snippet Editor, if you go to the Options button, you can associate the extension .snippet with Snippet Editor which make it easier to make changes since there didn’t appear to be an Open command.