The benefit of getting your customers’ email address for your Lynnwood, WA business is that it allows you to communicate with them easily and cheaply.

There are two ways to communicate with your customers via email. The first is for transactional interactions. This could be in the form of appointment confirmations or order confirmations. Your customers expect to be kept updated on about their appointments and orders. Email allows you to do this easily.

The second way is marketing opportunities. You can send follow-up reminders about repeating a service or order. You can also send emails about an upcoming sale. Email allows you to do this cheaply.

The best way to send these types of emails is using an email marketing service. You can add all your customer emails to the service and then send different email campaigns. You can also segment your email list depending on different criteria of your customers.

To summarize, it is important to get your customer’s email address because it allows easy and cheap communication options.