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Conversion Rate Optimization project for a Home Service company

Portfolio example of Email Quote Website Form Project

Project Description

A Home Service company had a standard website form to ask potential customers for needed data to generate a quote request.  But, they want the form to be improved to ask additional questions to eliminate the need to exchange additional emails between the potential client and the sales team to get a final quote.

The first step was to determine all the data that was necessary to create a quote.   Then, this data was grouped into similar topics.  These groups of data became different pages of the new quote form.  The quote form was improved with conditional actions that depending on answers to the first question, a different set of questions would be presented.  This helped to streamline the process and remove unnecessary questions from certain potential customers.

The quote form also had different notifications after the form was submitted.  The potential customer received a personalized email that included information that they submitted.   The sale team received the data in the order that was necessary to enter into the line-of-business database system.

The completed solution improved communication with the customers and reduce the amount of back-and-forth emails necessary to send a final quote price.


Service:Conversation Rate Optimization
Project URL:confidential
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